About us

Inspired by a successful family run cafe in Melbourne, The Avocado Hut was developed in an effort to take the cafe quality dishes from our beloved kitchen to the events we love.  It all started when we noticed people truly loving our smashed avo at the cafe and recognizing its lack of supply at our favourite festivals.

Then one day we kind of realised how lovely it was that people were coming to us all the time, so why shouldn’t we just change things up, fill the void we identified and take the smashed avo to them for a bit?

Starting out as sole smashed avo specialists, through trial, error, mistakes, tweaking, luck, hard work and persistence we’ve gradually evolved into the gourmet toasty serving, sweet-potato fries tossing avocado masters that make the hut the mouth-watering powerhouse it is today.


Professionalism & Consistency

As event caterers, it is our task to provide a professional service and consistently deliver a high standard of food service. With this reputation, it is easier for our future clients to have complete faith in our catering, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their event.

Adapting to Variety

We attend a diverse range of major events throughout Australia and pride ourselves on adapting our service to the specific needs of each venue. Events like The Royal Melbourne & Queensland Shows, The Finders Keepers markets or The Big Vegan Market require us to ensure our signage style is uniform with the event, polish edges a little extra, and do up our top buttons.

Single day music and sporting events such as The Cox Plate Racing Carnival, Manikato Stakes Night, Groovin’ the Moo Festival or Spilt Milk in Canberra inspire us to flaunt our feathers a bit more and make our presence known to the masses- flying our name high and creating a dynamic aesthetic appeal.  It is also imperative that we gear our systems and staffing regime for high turnover during short periods (a break between races or music sets can send a large impulse of patrons toward the food court).

Then there are the multi-day music and arts festivals along the East Coast such as the Byron Bay Bluesfest, Splendour in the Grass, Rainbow Serpent Festival or Beyond the Valley in which we are embracing the individuality of our outlet whilst ensuring professionalism and high quality product.  There are many peaks and lulls for us during these events which we need to manage accordingly to ensure efficient turnover and service.

Event & Festival Packages

When co-ordinating the food and markets component of an event, it can be difficult to liaise with a large number of vendors whilst simultaneously trying to plan the site configuration, power requirements etc.

We understand this and not only do we promise our clients timely responses and smooth communication from our end, but we also propose a solution to the matter in which we will offer multiple brands at your event.  This will allow fewer points of contact and confidence that a larger portion of the event will be catered to a high standard.  Please refer to our brands for more detail on the variety that we can offer patrons at your event.

Contact sam@theavocadohut.com with any special requests or alternatives and we will be happy to work with you to achieve the vision you have in mind.

Our Brands

The Avocado Hut

Brings healthy food to festivals and events without taking all the fun away!  From smashed avo hangover breakfasts to our mouth watering toasties… to our gourmet burgers… we’ve got it covered.  Just after a snack?  Our crunchy sweet-potato fries will do the trick.

PDF Menu & Price List

Indigo Coffee & Health Food Bar

Specialty Coffee & Health Food Bar.  Perfect for health and wellness events- everything from Indigo is made with soul.

If you already have a preferred coffee supplier organised- don’t stress, we can just bring our healthy goodies along.

PDF Menu & Price List

Groovy Burgers

The vegetarian burger movement.  Whether it’s major music festivals or an intimate private gathering, our delicious burgers are always raved about and second helpings are mandatory.

PDF Menu & Price List

Pacific BBQ

Our beloved gourmet seafood grill; quality flavours of the ocean brought to your favourite events & festivals.

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The Fat B.L.A.T.

Double smoked bacon, cos lettuce, lime soaked avocado, tomato & herbed mayo.

The Rockstar

Marinated grilled haloumi, lime soaked avocado, Spanish onion, cos lettuce & herbed mayo.

The Chicken

Pan seared chicken, lime soaked avocado, creamy brie cheese, cos lettuce & herbed mayo.


Crunchy Sweet Potato Fries

Straight cut & twice cooked, served w fresh smashed avocado

Rosemary & Sea Salt Tossed Fries

Cooked crispy, served with fresh smashed avocado.


Hi there!

If you have any questions about what we do, would like us to cater at your event or feel like expressing feedback, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Avocado Hut.